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What we do

We work with clients to solve tough challenges and to successfully implement big changes. The bigger, and the more complex, the better. Because each challenge requires a custom, context-specific solution, we’ve described “what we do” six different ways.

Whole-System Strategic Change
Because it’s not about the plans you build, it’s about the plans you USE.

Collaborative Prioritization and Transparent Governance Solutions
Transparent governance is far more than a concept – it’s a solution we’ve been delivering for years.

Lego Serious Play Professionals
Skeptical? We sure were. But NASA uses it, Google uses it, Apple uses it…even the United Nations uses LSP. It’s far more than just the toy you step on at 2 AM.

Complex Proposal Management Services
If you’re writing a $10M (or larger) bid, then boy, do we have a way to de-risk the bid process for you.

Information Risk Management Specialists
Information Risk remains a powerful new concept for assessing how your organization manages its information investments.

Large Workshop Facilitation (100-500 people)
Whether it’s a conference, a summit, or your yearly kick-off, there actually IS a way to harness the wisdom of the crowd to support a useful purpose. Ask us.