Client Sectors

Paradigm Shift: You are the expert

Clients want to know that we’ve been there – done that.  They often seek a “subject matter expert” to help them solve a problem, or to re-design their organization.

Client SectorsThe challenge is that external SMEs are really only useful when situations are complicated – not when they are complex. You are unique! And your challenges are unique, which is why a cookie-cutter approach seldom works.  It is also why subject matter experts often get it wrong, particularly when it gets complex.

CT Labs turns the subject-matter-expert paradigm on its head: YOU are the experts and YOU are the ones who should design the solution. We will be there to design and deliver the collaborative processes that enable you to get to your solution both quickly and accurately.  Our methodology applies to all challenges, and proven on hundreds of occasions.

We have never been exactly where you are right now. In fact, no one has. But happily, we’ve found that people are people and they generally work effectively (and ineffectively) in the same ways. That is where we are the subject matter experts. We know how people work, and we know how to enable them to work effectively – and quickly. Still, you need to know that the people you are hiring are experienced, capable and results-oriented.  You need to know that they will be able to deal with the complexity and uncertainty that your situation entails.

So, to help you get to know us, here are some of the places we’ve played, and the things we’ve done. We will continue to add case studies so that you can read the stories about what we’ve done where, with whom and why.


Collective Governance; Federal, Provincial and Territorial partnerships and negotiations; Implementing Shared Services; Portfolio Prioritization within budget constraints; Collaboration around Emergency Management; Strategic Planning; Federal,Provincial, Municipal single window applications; User adoption of new technologies.

Health Care

Healthy Living and Obesity; Multi-sector partnerships; 30 year Foresight and Future System Design; eHealth Strategy; Research coordination and Funding; Project Rescues; Amalgamations; Critical Infrastructure Implementation; Collaborative Strategy Development.

Business Sector

Executive Retreats; Building and Repairing Partnerships; Innovation and Ideation, in support of New Product Development Pipelines; Marketing and Business Development Strategy; Bid development and proposal team coaching.


Partnering; Restructuring.


Strategic Planning; Developing Shared or Common Systems.


Partnerships; Federal, Provincial,Territorial Negotiations; Collaborative Approaches.