Business Sector

Business Sector

Visionaries abound in the private sector – people with a lot to do, a short time to do it in, and clear and abundant measures of success and failure.

CT Labs has developed, and implemented, successful tools that optimize your key indicators:

  • Partnerships that Matter. In a six-hour facilitated session, we can determine whether that partnership has any meaningful value. If it doesn’t, you’ll probably be done by noon. Either it will fail fast, or we will ensure you determine the specific, measurable tasks that will lead to success. It’s not comfortable, but it works.
  • Sustainable, Continuous Innovation. Creating an environment where innovation – sustainable, sensible, cost-effective innovation – is the way that you work takes some time. Depending on your size, your industry, and your current culture, it could take us a couple weeks to a year to transform your company into a dynamic, innovative industry leader.
  • Leadership Development. If your leadership team is new, uncomfortable or stuck in a rut, we have developed engagements built around leadership retreats that can rebuild trust, integrity, passion and innovation in a team.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. At the people, productivity and profitability levels, M&A can be an absolute disaster. If you care about integrating teams (you’re not just buying IP and a book of business), we can fundamentally decrease the transitional risks associated with losing key staff, dysfunctional integrated teams, and all people-related challenges.

Collaborative Transformation™ just might be the best investment you’ve ever made as a private sector leader.

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