How often do hundreds of people from various walks of life take action at a moment’s notice?

Whenever a clear common purpose is established and passionate people are engaged in true collaboration.

When people are truly passionate about what they are working towards in a collaborative system, they jump on the opportunity to offer their views and to better the current situation. People go straight to work.

Whenever we start a large complex systems engagement, the instruction given to participants to take action is ‘GO’.  Some of our clients get nervous that no-one will move — but without fail, at the sound of ‘GO’, participants step up to the plate and engage in the collaborative system. There is always action.

At a recent event one of our team members (experiencing a ‘Go’ moment for the first time) described the feeling in the room as “absolutely incredible!”  Below is this ‘Go’ Moment, as well as the outcomes and collaborative actions that resulted.

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