Now that’s a bold tag line, but that’s really really what we’re all about. Designing futures for people who care.

That’s why we’re looking for visionaries. People with ideas, people who care about making the world, their world, a better place. People who want to make change happen.

Change is a tough thing though. Most change attempts fail. 70% of them, statistically, over the past 15 years in which detailed studies have been done. And improved project management hasn’t done a damned thing to help. They’ve proven that as well.

Change fails for one simple reason: those who would change the world (their world) fail to meaningfully engage EVERYONE who will be affected by the change. Not when the idea arises, not when they plan the idea, not when they design the plan, not when they build the design, and not when they implement the build.

We live in a world where we do change TO people – we don’t do change WITH people. THAT is why most change efforts fail.

CT Labs exists to find more effective ways to change. 11 years in, we’re still learning voraciously – and we’ve learned enough to fundamentally improve your chances for success already. We’ve built a comprehensive collaborative framework to enable you to change WITH across the complete timeline from ideation to implementation – broadly, deeply and meaningfully. We WILL de-risk your future.

Need more ideas, better ideas, stronger ideas? We’ve done that. We’ll build you your own self-managing idea factory.

Need a plan, a strategy, that actually is directionally appropriate? We’ve done that. Hundreds of times. We’ll help you create that clarity of vision.

Need to design something robust, achievable, supported and supportable? With dozens of stakeholders? How about hundreds. No – make that THOUSANDS. And many of them hate you and will fight you at every step? Yeah. We’ve done that. Those are some of our favourite stories.

Need to build something – an IT infrastructure? A policy? A shared services organization? Something really, really difficult? Something colossally messy? Call us. We love those. Dozens of tracks to manage simultaneously? Yep.

How about when you have to implement? You can only throw resources at implementation for so long. Wouldn’t you like to watch one go smoothly for a change? Wouldn’t you like to see what real, genuine user adoption looks like? Yeah. We do that too.

The future will be determined by visionaries – by people like you and like us; people with ideas, people who care about making things better. But getting from that light bulb that goes off in your head to a fully implemented, healthier future…that’s a path fraught with risk. More than two out of three will fail – often with tragic waste of human and financial resources.

Want to de-risk your future? Call us. We’re looking for visionaries, and we are continuously building the better mousetrap to deliver better, brighter futures.

Visionaries wanted. Call now.

Phil Culhane…seeker of visionaries and designer of futures