At its core, government is simply an instrument.  A way for people to Get Things Done.  Like a giant screwdriver with a thousand heads, it goes around fixing things that are broken, taking old things apart and making new things from the pieces.  All with the objective of building a better future.

If anyone knows the trials and tribulations of trying to Get Things Done in a huge organization, it’s you — the men and women of government.  I bet you’ve dealt with adversity, annoyance, and maybe even frustration when you’ve tried to work with other groups or departments.  You know how important it is to collaborate and work horizontally, but you haven’t found anything that can deal with the complexity.  After all, things are only becoming more connected and you’re trying to build a better future here!

Enter CT.

Our team has engaged hundreds of times with various public sector groups, and consistently designs approaches to allow government to surprise itself with its ability to harness the passion and responsibility of caring people to create profound results from complex problems.

CT has optimized, and will optimize any project, workshop or process where we are able to work with the client in advance of the event to create the conditions for success. Groups that engage us meaningfully, to engage their stakeholders meaningfully, consistently find that they “do” (whatever that means to them) six months to two years of work in 1 to 3 days.

Case Studies: