Health Care

At CT Labs we have been involved with Healthcare visionaries since our earliest days, and many of our greatest successes have come in our work with healthcare clients. We have contributed to the implementation and adoption of electronic health records, information management solutions in new healthcare facilities, health quality and provincial laboratory information systems to name a few.

In healthcare “it’s all about people”, therefore many of our clients are seeking a people-centric, collaborative approach to the design, implementation and adoption of their solutions.  Once the right people are brought together with the right tools in a people-centric environment, the passion to improve health and wellness takes hold and the magic needed for success seems to happen quite naturally.

Some of the greatest benefits that we have offered to the healthcare environment include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement – when you need to engage in whole-system change, and you need to break through the silos to design a shared future.
  • User Adoption – investing in new technology, new processes, new services and offerings is just a part of the ongoing change – but without buy-in and commitment, your investments are at risk.
  • Team-building – in an often-stressful, always intimately engaged environment, the essential fabric of teams can wear away over time. We can improve a team environment in a way that last far longer than it takes for the last chair to cool at the end of the day.
  • Meaningful Strategy Development – On the one side, resource pressures are profound. On the other, there is so much good, so much additional value that could be brought to bear – if only things could change. We will challenge deeply against the perceived restrictions, and ensure the achievability of the visions. All of your extended stakeholder environment will be engaged meaningfully, they will be heard, and they will see their words reflected in your final strategy.

Our case studies in healthcare make for exciting reading. We are writing them up as time permits, and will add them below as we are able. We’d love to add your organization to this list of healthcare success stories!

Case studies: