Whole-Systems Strategic Change

From facilitating strategic planning sessions to driving strategic change programs. It’s not about the plans you build – it’s about the plans you USE. We’ll get your whole organization on board right from the get-go with strategic plans that actually matter – that are relevant to the people who have to live them.

  • Collaborative Prioritization – You’ve got $120 million worth of projects and a $12 million budget.  We can make those hard decisions easier, collaborative, and defensible.
  • 12 Windows – Think BIG.  16 feet of wall space full of fresh ideas. We’ll get you clarity on the big picture, like no situational analysis or environmental scan has before.
  • Project Initiation – Get everyone aligned and moving forward with clarity.
  • Partnership Negotiations – Bringing clarity to partnership conversations for years.  If it’s going to work, you’ll know by lunchtime. By dinner, you will have joint accepted outcomes and an action plan.
  • Project & Organizational Rescues – It happens to everyone.  We would be happy to help. Clarity on the precise action plan that gives you the best chance of regaining health in five days or less. One client avoided imminent bankruptcy, another got a failing $30M IT application rollout back on track. Discretion and speed are our watchwords, and we do it with further harming your ecosystem.
  • Balanced Scorecard – We have many years of combined experience with the Balanced Scorecard approach, and can bring your metrics and results into a comprehensive strategic management plan.