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CT Labs Who We AreCollaborative Transformation®:
The People Factor

Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, CT Labs is made up of a team of strategic planners and expert facilitators who work closely together to design collaborative transformation (that’s the CT) solutions for clients that increase situational trust and shift cultures towards greater health.

Phil Culhane started developing the CT tools and methodologies in the late 1990s with Christina Marie Comeau while they were employees of a leading Canadian systems integration firm. Both had extensive experience with Information Technology implementation projects, and both knew that most implementations were failures – whether due to time, budget, outcomes or all three. From an undying curiosity around that basic fact, CT Labs was born. They did extensive research, first to confirm the quantity of projects that failed (the Standish Group holds that over 70% of large implementations are failures or “challenged”) and the elements that led to the success or failure of a given project. Their analysis determined that neither the processes nor the technologies were the failure points, but that in fact the greatest determinant of success or failure was the people factor.

Phil continues to move the work forward in a human-centric manner, seeking to improve the overall systemic health of highly complex working environments.

Phil Culhane

Strategic Change Advisor, Change Manager, Facilitator, and Business Transformation Architect

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Lise Clément

Principal, Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Engagement, Change Management and Facilitation Lead

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Fiona Wright

Consultant, Sustainable Development, Solutions Labs, Stakeholder Engagement, and Facilitation

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Bryn Ferris

Strategic business analyst, Facilitator, and Business Transformation Architect

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CT Labs Team WorkCT Labs: Building trust and guiding cultural shifts

Far more than simple “change management”, the CT methodology has been built around the way people think, the way people work, and the need we all have to work effectively in service of a greater good (as far-fetched as that sounds in these jaded times!). The processes and tools and methodology that make up the growing CT toolkit have been built around the way people actually think and actually work, and enable individuals and groups to work together effectively.

CT has been used consistently to build situational trust, to engage stakeholders effectively, to get buy-in that is resistant to the effects of time, and to enable cultures to shift, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, and always towards greater health and more useful outcomes.