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It’s all about the people!

Over the last two decades, CT Labs has delivered more than 200 engagements using a methodology grounded in the principles of Design Thinking. Because each challenge requires a custom, context-specific solution, we’ve described “what we do” six different ways.

12 Windows

Not sure ‘what’s next?’ Then THIS is what’s next. We offer clarity and alignment in one day or less.

Stakeholder Engagement

You need to engage with stakeholders. Want to know how? Ask Viviane. She’s both brilliant and wise.

Collaborative Prioritization

A provincial Auditor General (who will remain nameless) called this the most open, defensible, collaborative decision-making process he had ever seen.

Design Thinking

For the truly gnarly problems in life (and business), come see the Design Thinking professionals. We were DT when DT wasn’t cool. 🙂

Strategic Change

Because it’s not about building an ideal plan, it’s about delivering on an achievable plan.


Far more than a toy. LSP done well is an effective tool to support the creation of trust, alignment and clarity. A great way to get absolutely everyone involved.

Driving Optimal Outcomes.

Work better, together!

Phil Culhane

Strategic Change Advisor, Change Manager, Facilitator, and Business Transformation Architect

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Christina Comeau

Strategic Change Catalyst, Change Manager, Facilitator, and Business Transformation Architect

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