How we work

The CT in CT Labs stands for Collaborative Transformation™.  It is our methodology, and it’s what we do best. CT Labs exists to enable people to do good work.  That is what we love to do.  We are experts in getting the most out of complex human systems by enabling them to work far more effectively together than they ever have before.

Have you ever noticed how the hardest part of any project is getting – and then KEEPING – everyone on the same page? How the biggest hurdle is often buy-in – first from your executives, then from the delivery team, and then, finally, from the end-users who hopefully stand to benefit most from the changes you are trying to bring about? Have you noticed how the first response to change is often resistance?

We at CT Labs noticed these challenges as well. In fact, we’ve dedicated our lives to developing the Collaborative Transformation™ methodology in such a way that these risks are mitigated, so that the full benefit of whatever it is you are trying to do is successfully integrated into its new environment.

We see the world getting more complex. We see BIG problems that require comprehensive, collaborative solutions. These days it takes teams of people working together in new ways to overcome today’s complex challenges. So we asked ourselves: What are these new ways that can help people work more effectively in complex environments?

Since 1998, we have done extensive research and used our internal lab environment to translate our research into practical collaborative designs, methods and processes that we prove and adapt in the field with real clients. In our engagements, you may notice elements of Design Thinking, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, Balanced Scorecard, Naikan and Morita, Foresight, Complexity Science, TRIZ, NLP and dozens of other bodies of knowledge. In certain cases we have made the effort to consult face-to-face with the inventors of these approaches to fully understand them. Insights from all this thinking and a great deal of our own experience are elegantly blended into the range of enablers we call Collaborative Transformation™. CT is more than a process but when it comes to a collaborative engagement we believe that four strategic elements are required: an end-to-end process that is customized to deal with the level of complexity at hand, a physical environment that is optimized for creative work, a body of knowledge that provides options when the approach must be adjusted “right now,” and know-how in complex collaboration and innovation.  We believe an overall collaborative solution requires more than an engagement process so Collaborative Transformation™ also answers clients needs for a communications strategy, integrated change management approach, collective governance and buiding the capacity for change across the organisation.

The Collaborative Transformation™ methodology allows us to act as change management advisors and collaboration experts over the entire life cycle of an initiative.  We believe that the approach to collaboration must evolve as the initiative matures.  Clients may require a single stakeholder engagement or they may require our assistance in creating a culture of collaboration over a multi-year program.  We operate along that full spectrum of needs.

Consistently, clients feed back to us that they achieve more with us in days than they otherwise would in months or years – if ever. One of our greater accomplishments thus far has been what the client said was seven years work completed in 11 hours.  We have also rescued projects from collapse in a week and established Federal/Provincial agreement in three days.

If you’re curious to learn more about the specifics of our process, check out our case studies, read some of our blog posts or have a chat with Viviane; If you still want to know more, give us a call!  We would be happy to talk about it.