Case Study: A Canadian Lottery Corporation

Governance and Decision Making Framework

A climate for continuous innovation


The client was focused on growth, putting the player first, and being competitive and agile.   The Board of Directors was aligned on wanting to grow the company and making a positive change.  In order to accomplish this, the Lottery Corporation (xLC) needed to further enhance its internal decision making process and accelerate execution on priorities.  The intended outcome was to more than double the number of innovative new products being approved for market release every year.


Over the previous six years, xLC’s workload had significantly increased. Given the limited project resources available, the client needed to prioritize projects based on greatest value for the corporation. Since the implementation of the existing governance process, important resource issues were impacting xLC’s ability to move forward with the implementation of key projects.


The Collaborative Transformation™ team designed a 4-day collaborative workshop to key  xLC decision makers in defining the issues and creating a solution. Workshop participants conducted a detailed stakeholder analysis and identified a suite of decision-making criterion. In open dialogue the current governance process was reviewed and analyzed to identify key concerns and the new process components needed were designed and agreed upon.  The updated process addressed both the new business needs and the culture of the organization. Participants created a prioritized action plan, initiated immediate executive awareness and put a corporate communications strategy in place.


Participants identified ways to increase efficiency, ensure collaboration, provide transparency and obtained a deeper understanding of effective governance across the organization. The group produced high-level action items and key milestones, defined success metrics, established the role of change agents and produced a change management plan. They also designed and validated the revised governance process needed by the corporation and set up a project steering committee to proceed with detailed implementation.